Middle of summer check-in: Right in the thick of it

A lot has happened since my last blog- let me catch you up…

I was contacted about an interview for a full time job/internship at the Johns Hopkins Mount Washington campus in late April.  It was very different compared to other interviews I have had in the past because I was tested with questions.  The interview was broken into two parts.  The first part was basically talking about what I would be doing at the job, and then I was tested on different parts of a hypothetical coding situation.  The second part was a test of my programming knowledge.  I knew I nailed both parts of the interview, and when I was done with the questions, I believed I had done a very good job and possibly got the job.

A week later I received an email from the person I interviewed with and he told me that, yes! I got the job- I was going to be a Java Developer! I was so excited because a lot of the other internships I applied for didn’t end up working out, and I really wanted the experience of having a full time job.

The result? Now, I have a ten week internship where I work forty hours a week.  I like that I can get up in the morning, come home after work and not have to worry about any school work or upcoming exams.  But the part I needed to adjust to most was getting up early, and being tired when I got back to my dorm from work. That didn’t take too long, though, because I began to develop a routine.

Like I mentioned, my job title is Java Developer. That means in this position, I am testing and developing code for a new type of software for doctors to use in the near future.  The software helps doctors view and receive patient information faster and more efficiently than the current software they use.  I have about three weeks left in my internship and I have taken in every moment that I can.  It has been such a learning experience for me.  I have gotten a taste of what my future might be like and I definitely like where it is headed.

One of the more difficult aspects of the job was not having as much knowledge and experience as my coworkers. It took me a little longer to learn the code and programming style because I haven’t been in an environment like this before.  My boss said he hired me because he knew I was smart — and that there were people that were more qualified than me that he interviewed — but I was smarter than them.  I used that to motivate me every day to work as hard as I could in every task that I was given.

One of my favorite parts of the internship is working with some great people. I have made some good friends and learned so much from them, not only about programming, but about where they come from and their culture. I work with people who are from different parts of the world, so I was exposed to their culture and way of life. I also work with a rising senior from Hopkins. This has been really helpful, since he has already taken a lot of the classes I will take in the next few years.

This job has been a great learning experience for me and I know it will help me in my future endeavors getting other jobs or internships!


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