The Waiting Game


Being in limbo and not knowing what your future holds can be wearing on a person. Waiting to hear about an internship or job can sometimes be very frustrating and nerve wracking. You might not know what to do during this waiting period.  Well, I am currently playing the waiting game for a few internships that I have applied for.

One thing that I haven’t done while waiting is constantly email the employers about if and when I should be interviewed or contacted.  This is not a good idea! You don’t want to bother the potential employers!

But I did keep applying for internships.  It’s not good to assume that you are guaranteed an internship or job anywhere. You never want to be left with nothing to do over the summer because you didn’t apply to enough internships or jobs.  I am making sure I keep my options open, even if that means having a part-time job over the summer.

It’s also a good idea to try to use any alumni connections that you may have.  Try to see if there are any Johns Hopkins alumni at a company that you want to work for.  Contacting an alum that works for the same company that you applied for or want to work at can only help your chances at getting that internship or job. It allows you to learn more about that organization as well as displays your interest in what they do — all of which is a good thing.

Another thing to do while playing the waiting game is so make sure that you keep your resume updated. I know for me, during the school year, my resume changes constantly.   Keeping it up to date will help you  when you want to apply for more jobs or internships because you won’t have to go back try to remember everything you’ve done that semester. A semester’s a long time and you can do a lot!  Keeping that resume updated helps you in the long run; when you see something, you can apply right away.

My last tip for making it through the waiting game is to try to not give into mind games. If the employer says he or she will contact you on a certain day, and you haven’t gotten the call yet, don’t freak out!  Wait a day or two, then email to see what’s going on.  I have been waiting to hear about a full scholarship I applied for over four months ago.  I was told that I would be contacted a few days ago, but all I heard was silence.  I then waited a day and contacted the scholarship office to make sure that my name wasn’t accidentally left of the emailing list or something.  Don’t start playing the “What If” game.  It’s always better to be patient — but calm!– when it comes to applying to internships and jobs!


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