Internships, internships everywhere, but who will hire me?

People probably get overwhelmed by the thought of finding an internship. I get very overwhelmed myself.  I am such a planner that it is hard not to know where or what I will be doing this summer.  I will give you my approach to finding an internship and everything that comes with it.

First things first – resumes.

I had really no idea what a résumé was when I entered college.  I mean, I have heard the word before, I just never saw one or made one.  As I began to scratch the surface of finding an internship, I soon noticed that a résumé was needed to apply to almost any internship.  Since I work at the career center, I knew that I had a lot of tools at my finger tips.  I first found sample resumes on the career center’s website, and modeled my résumé from that.

It was no walk in the park trying to make a résumé; it definitely took me a few hours.  When I was finally done typing up the key that unlocks internships, I took it over to the career center where a peer assistant reviewed it.  Little did I know that a résumé could only be one page long because mine was four pages long.  It was not easy picking the most important information to put on one page.  After several new resumes later, mine was finally complete, thus starting me on my internship journey.

My suggestion  is to find either a big scholarship or a competitive internship that you really want to get into and apply for that.  You have nothing to lose — so you might as well try.  But I would not recommend putting all your eggs in one basket.  For example, I applied for a full scholarship that includes an internship every summer and even a job when I graduate.  It is my dream to get this scholarship, but I also applied to may other internships.

Where do I look for these so-called internships? 

I found a few good sites that offer great internships.  First of which is J-Connect.  It is an internship site just for Hopkins students.  Most internships on that website are very easy to apply for and just need a résumé.  That’s where I started my internship search.

One of the biggest things when looking for an internship is where do you want the internship to be?  Do you want to live home? Or go someplace new?  I chose between two places: here in Baltimore area or New York City.  I wanted to find one in NYC more because I could easy commute there since I live on Long Island.  So I searched on J-Connect just NYC and Baltimore.  I knew that if I did get an internship in Baltimore, it would need to be paid because I would have to get an apartment and probably a car (which I do not own).  All of the internships that I looked for were paid, because frankly, who doesn’t want to get paid for work they are doing!

Another good site with I was referred to was  It was a good site because you have the option of selecting an internship rather than choosing part-time or full-time.

I really lost count of how many internships I have applied for.  Maybe 10-15.  Yeah, that sounds like a lot.  But I really only heard back from about three of them.  One turned out to not be of interest to me anymore, the other I had two interviews and am still waiting to hear if I got the internship, and the other I took a test for but didn’t pass because I did not have the knowledge the company was looking for.

The hardest part is the waiting game. Not knowing if you will be contacted or not. Two internships I have heard back from in a few days from when I applied. The other, a few weeks.  And the rest that I have applied for… nothing.  Not every company is going to email you or call you back.

I am only a freshman, so I am in the minority.  I am applying for internships that junior and seniors apply for and they have extensively more knowledge than me.  That brings me to another difficult part to finding internships.  I have found so many interesting internships, but at the bottom of the information about the internship says that you have to be a rising junior or senior.  That really bums me out because I know that I can’t even apply.  Finding an internship for freshman is extremely difficult because you haven’t acquired as much knowledge as an upper class men has.

My advice to you – just apply to anything that peaks you interest.  You have nothing to lose.  Who knows, any internship could change your life! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask at the bottom of this post and I will answer them as so as I can!


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