Introducing: Katie

Hi, I'm Katie!

Remember when Kermit the Frog said “It isn’t easy bein’ green?” Well, let me modify that statement: “It isn’t easy bein’ a freshman.”

Living in a new place, meeting new people, having harder classes, having more work, finding time for fun, and finding a job are all obstacles us college freshman might face. I, myself, come from a small all girls Catholic school in Long Island, New York, so I thought transitioning to college life was going to be, well, very difficult.

Besides mother nature throwing curve balls at us during freshman orientation, (who could forget the earthquake and hurricane all in one week?!) I actually met a lot of nice and interesting people. I have to say, it was a little overwhelming at first to be surrounded by 1,500 new faces, but once classes got underway, it was easy to find people with common interests as myself.
Coming into college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do: get my Bachelors in Computer Science, then go for my fifth year to get my Masters in Computer Science and then, hopefully, work for a software company or the government. Now two-thirds of my way through the first semester, most of my plans are still the same, except for a few things: I now am considering double majoring with Applied Math/Statistics and I might soon be involved in a research project. I had
no intention of doing a research project a Hopkins, but an interesting project fell into my lap and I decided to pursue it.

Besides doing homework, studying, working, doing research, and going to various clubs, I am currently looking for summer internships and applying for scholarships. I knew that when I got to college I wanted to hit the ground running, and that is exactly what I did! I got involved in everything that I found interesting. This includes volunteering to tutor kids at a local elementary school, be on club swimming, be in the women in Computer Science club, work at the career
center, tutor a kid from New York over Skype, and apply to be a Hopkins tour guide.

On top of all of that, I am currently in a mentoring program where a Senior in Computer Science meets with five undergraduate Computer Science majors once a week to talk about jobs, internships, or anything we have questions about. One might ask me, “How do you juggle everything?” Well, the answer to that question is not easy. I have to make sacrifices everyday and plan my schedule out way in advance. I do most of my work on the weekends so I have time during the week to hang out with friends and get involved in the clubs that I am currently in. But if I went home on the weekend or I had plans that take up my weekend, I would have to modify with schedule so I can get all my work and studying done in a timely fashion. But to someone who asked me the above question, I would tell them that you have to find your own routine in order to schedule all you events. Finding a rhythm for what you do everyday can help you find time to do work done and get involved in things that you find fun.
So in a few months, I have taken advantage of some of what Hopkins has to offer, but I haven’t even scratched the surface…


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